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Parish litter pick - Saturday 29th May

Meet your neighbours and make new friends!

The parish council is looking for volunteers to help with a litter pick at the end of the month. Meeting at 10.00 am, it will not take more than a couple of hours but the more volunteers there are, the less time it will take.

Fiona Clayton will give you more details and organise everyone on the day. Please contact her if you are able to help: [email protected]


Surrey Police Band concert - Tuesday 20th July

The Surrey Police Band will be having a concert at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre as a part of the Guildford Fringe Festival on Tuesday 20th July.

The band are very local to Artington - they rehearse at Mount Browne - so come and support your local music makers:


Welcome to our new website - a note from the parish clerk.

Artington Parish Council has a new website because we are now working with a new host and website designer, HugoFox, a firm that provides websites and hosting free of charge for small community organisations, including parish councils. They are a commercial enterprise but they do this as a philanthropic gesture to help connect communities. So if you are looking for a website host and builder, please consider them first.

It will be a significant saving for the council. The website and email hosting service that the council has been using for the last few years quoted a renewal price of £150 for one year. We are now paying a total of just £20 a year for our email service and website hosting.

I am a little sad that the website that I created and maintained for over ten years is now redundant but, as well as being free, the new arrangement means that anyone with sign-on authority can easily change the site, with no knowledge of coding required. Consequently, the council is no longer dependent on me to do that job.

Now, in the righthand column you will see an invitation to sign up for email alerts. These alerts are triggered by the posting of blogs, news or events on a special page. I probably won't be using that function for the moment and I shall post things on the appropriate place on the site as I have always done, which does not trigger an email alert. Nonetheless please sign up as I may start to post things in that way.

In the meantime, I shall continue to notify the people on my Artington email group of any changes. If you wish to have your name added to or removed from that group, please send an email to [email protected]

All in all, I am pleased with the way it is working so far and, as I explore the various functions on offer, we may think of ways of using the website to better advantage. If you have any suggestions, please let me know via the Contact page.



St Catherine's Hill medieval cave shrine.

You may have heard of the discovery of a medieval shrine during the work to stabilise the railway cutting. Here is a Youtube video explaining its significance:



Treetops development site

Work has started on the new estate. The developers, Southern Homes, have sent round this newsletter to keep their neighbours informed of progress:


Community Speed Watch

Artington in common with many other areas suffers from vehicles being driven at excessive speeds. This is particularly a problem on the narrow twisting lanes through Littleton that connect the A3100 and B3000. It is also a problem on parts of the A3100.

Rat running training

The Stakescorner Road, Littleton Lane and Sandy Lane route was designated 'Access Only' some years ago because of its unsuitability as a through road. In spite of this restriction, rat-runners continue to use the route as a short cut between the B3000 and A3100, particularly during the early morning and late afternoon. In an effort to combat this problem residents, in conjunction with Guildford Police, wish to carry out regular monitoring exercises to detect drivers contravening the 'Access Only' restriction. Rat-runners are contacted by the police and experience shows that the number of vehicles using Littleton and Sandy Lane as a through route is reduced significantly.

Consequently, volunteers are needed to help with this so email Guy Catchpole if you would like to help to reduce the amount of traffic using the parish lanes.




The future of Mount Browne

Following several years of speculation about the future of the Surrey Police headquarters at Mount Browne, it has been announced that a site for a new police HQ has been purchased in Leatherhead. When the new headquarters have been completed, the Mount Browne site will be sold. More details can be found on the Surrey Police website.