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Proposed changes to our parliamentary constituency boundaries

The Boundary Commission is proposing to create new constituencies in our area. For more information see the Commission's website (although the map function does not seem to be working correctly):

Maps of the proposed new constituencies:


Website and email communications

The parish clerk maintains a list of residents' email addresses that he uses to inform people of changes to the parish council website and for sending items of local information that may be of interest.
He would like to increase the number of people on the list so if you are not on it and would like to be, please email [email protected]

Also, please speak to your neighbours about it and ask them to get in touch if they too wish to be included.


Artington Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is progresssing; the parish has been officially designated as a Planning Area and a committee of the parish council has been created made up of volunteers who will work to create the plan. The committee works alongside, but independently of, the parish council. Two members of the parish council sit on the committee.

When completed, it will put the parish in a stronger position because the developers, when they arrive, would be required to incorporate our wishes into their plans. This would ensure that any future development is not something that is done ‘to us’ but something that we have planned for and developed ourselves.

The committee is now established but we still need to find volunteers who may have specialist knowledge. If you feel that you have something to offer, such as knowledge of planning, transport, history and heritage, etc, please email the parish clerk who will forward your message to the committee.

News of the progress of the plan will be posted on this website periodically but please get in touch if you have a specific query.